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I tried to do my homework
but a show was on TV.
A song was on the radio.
A friend was texting me.

My email chimed, and so, of course,
I had to look at that.
It linked me to a video
of someone’s silly cat.

I watched a dozen videos,
and then I played a game.
I almost didn’t hear her
when my mother called my name.

I looked up at the clock
and it was time to go to bed.
I didn’t get my homework done;
just other stuff instead.

I hope my teacher listens
to the cause of my inaction.
It’s really not my fault the world
is just one big distraction.

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Why I Didn't Turn In My Homework - a school poem/an excuse poem

Why I Didn’t Turn In My Homework
Greg Pincus

I left it at home.
It made me weep.
I did other work.
I fell asleep.

I must’ve lost it.
I did it last week!
What? There was homework?
To me it was Greek.

My printer was dead.
I don’t understand what it’s supposed to teach me and that wasn’t explained and I don’t learn anything when you give me a number grade or a check mark with no explanation of how to get better so the homework is a waste of my time and I didn’t do it because I hate it.
It’s not due tomorrow?
My doggie ate it.

Today's poem was inspired by the poetry prompt over at The Miss Rumphius Effect. It might've also been inspired by some real-life observation, too, and it's quite clearly from a student POV!

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